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An Ode to Greenery: How to use "Nature's Neutral" in your Home

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As the winter months continue & we gain small improvements in the weather and daylight, I am finding myself more and more drawn to green in all its shades.

Here at Katie Charleson I have an ongoing love for green in all its hues. From the Palmhouse Collection with its deep racing green silk velvet reverse, to the soft eau-de-nil (literally translates as "water of the Nile") I enjoy using over and over. The colour to me brings a soothing, natural vibe, and feels luxurious without being brash or flashy. It's also my mother's favourite colour! From the bathroom to the living room to the bedroom, there isn't an area of your home that won't take a hint of green.

Bespoke Prints // Culinary

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Things have been busy of late at Katie Charleson; there was the fantastic Princes Trust pop up shop in May and with lots of workshops, bespoke pieces and commissions in development I've been printing like crazy.

With the run up to summer over (although not reflected by the weather) and a lovely break coming up, I thought you'd like to see some of the bespoke prints I've been working on in the first half of 2016.

Bespoke culinary print developed as an extra special gift, made into kitchenware

Bespoke culinary print developed as an extra special gift, made into kitchenware

This project was a print developed by a dear friend and myself for an equally dear fiery Scottish redhead with a love of all things charcuterie. For an extra special birthday gift, we wanted a fun, hand drawn feel to the illustration, in sharp colours to reflect her excellent sense of humour and her flame coloured hair. Needless to say, Frances Bacon was an inspiration.

Screen print in progress

Screen print in progress

Second colour layer being printed

Second colour layer being printed

2/3 colours complete

2/3 colours complete

The resulting three colour print was wonderfully wild, lively and expressive and just a little bit abstract. The final design was printed as a repeat onto 2 metres of crisp white cotton, which was then developed into an apron and tea towel for her culinary exploits.

The final three layer print

The final three layer print

You can take a look at the inspiration for the bespoke print on Pinterest here, and see some other Katie Charleson inspiration and ideas too. If you have an idea for a print that you'd like to develop, as a personal project or a special gift for a loved one, you can get in touch with me here, I'd love to help you develop something personal and exciting!

Stay tuned for more posts about bespoke prints and collaborations over the next few weeks! 

Design your own Tote with Katie Charleson

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To celebrate Heal’s Craft Market 2016, I’m going to be at the inspirational Tottenham Court Road Flagship store once again, teaching lovely clients to screen print their own K//M//J//C tote bags. Take a look at the excellent creations and find out more below:

Screen printing workshop no1 with K//M//J//C Designs. Can’t wait for the next one!
— Lea G, Katie Charleson Customer

This is the 3rd such event I’ve done with Heal’s and I’ve always come away so happy to have shared skills with absolutely brilliant printers-in-the-making.

Action shot with the K//M//J//C For heal's limited edition tea towels on display in the background

Action shot with the K//M//J//C For heal's limited edition tea towels on display in the background

Using the bold, dynamic shapes and bright, summery colours that feature in the K//M//J//C for Heal’s limited edition collaboration of printed Tea Towels I help customers to design their own 3 layer print and teach them the fundamentals of silk screen printing. All in a speedy half an hour’s work!

Another excellent design, this time 4 layers of colour

Another excellent design, this time 4 layers of colour

Workshops will be at the Heal’s Flagship Store throughout Monday the 4th and Tuesday the 5th April, and again Monday the 11th. If you fancy learning yourself you can book on the Heal’s website here or email hello@katiecharleson.com for more information. 

Drop by and say hello!

Drop by and say hello!

If you’d like to go a step further and really get to grips with designing and creating your own textile prints, I’ll be doing upcoming classes at Bainbridge Studios. Join the mailing list for more information and stay tuned for some exciting news about an upcoming pop-up shop!

K//M//J//C For Heal's

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K//M//J//C For Heal's

A limited edition collection of screen prints for the much-loved store


For the last few months I have been working on a very exciting & special project with Heal's, creating a collection of exclusive limited edition printed tea towels.

Inspiration came from collecting different lines, brushmarks and shapes, then collaging and layering them. The most important element, as always, were the colours and how they sit together to create beautiful juxtapositions.  

My first love is screen printing and I really enjoyed the process of maximising the tactile quality of screen-printed textiles, coming up with designs that were vibrant, colourful and fun.


The prints, although functional as Tea Towels, I also see as fun, vital and vibrant artworks in their own right. The different marks and shapes give the pieces energy and the colours make them fresh and summery.


This limited edition collaboration with Heal’s was about finding the shapes and colours that combined to create the most sunny energy and vibrancy. I love combining colour in unexpected ways, using tone to make potentially jarring colours work together, creating designs that one would want to keep as a piece of art, as well as being a functional item.

The designs are in store this weekend, when I will be at the Tottenham Court Road Flagship Store, teaching some lovely customers how to screen print their own K//M//J//C tote bag. I'll be doing classes from 11:30am until 4:30pm Saturday the 6th and 20th of February. There are still spaces for classes on the 20th, so sign up and come learn the technique for yourself!

PALMHOUSE Collection: The Artwork

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The photographs taken at Kew Garden's beautiful Palm House in crisp, bright February inspired me to try and create vital, dynamic drawings and compositions.

I especially loved the density of the botanics and greenery, and the way the Laurel Clock Vine (which would become an essential element to the collection) ran along the piping and girders overhead.

I employed techniques such as mono printing and mark making with a palette knife to create movement and immediacy within the drawings, layering up inks and oils and pastels to juxtapose the different qualities of line and colour. I wanted the resulting prints to jump off the fabric.

The original photographs helped me create compositions that would become the final designs; snapshots of the Palm House contained within a compact space.

Each of these drawings and paintings would lead to the beautiful screen prints for the PALMHOUSE collection. By meticulously screen printing and hand painting directly onto each sumptuous design, every piece in the collection becomes a unique and inimitable work of art for the home.

PALMHOUSE Collection: The Inspiration

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I have always loved Victoriana and Botanic Gardens. There is something intangibly fascinating about containing something so vital and wild within something so rigid and structured. This is never more true than at the Palm House in Kew Gardens, where I found such beautiful compositions I was inspired to take out my camera that chilly, crisp, February day!

Screen Printing Process

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This week a lot of time has been spent screen printing orders for cushions and tea-towels in my studio space in Bermondsey; Printall Studio. Central to K//M//J//C is the hands on, tactile nature of screen printed textiles. I love layering up colours and textures intuitively and screen printing allows me to do this while balancing the composition and tone of the piece. I can use screens to make one off, limited edition samples or set up a production line to make the same design repeatedly.

   One-off compositions that will be used to create limited edition products


One-off compositions that will be used to create limited edition products

   Tea-towels in repeat production


Tea-towels in repeat production

Pigment printing is the most fundamental form of screen printing, and this is the medium I have been working in most lately. By pushing ink through the unexposed areas of mesh stretched over a screen, you can transfer an image onto different surfaces.


Emerald Oil is a completely screen printed piece of work. Although this is a feature of the design in itself, what makes it really special is the number of colours used. Emerald Oil features 5 colours, not including the base fabric, mixed by eye. Each colour requires its own layer, and therefore its own screen, meaning each cushion cover or tea-towel is printed on 5 times before it is finished. 


I am so proud and happy to be able to put this level of care, skill and attention to detail into every product I make. And to be able to do it in surroundings that inspire me is the biggest bonus of all! Just look at these gorgeous textures and patinations found in the studio.


K//M//J//C is born of a love of colour, a fascination with texture and a passion for print.