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PALMHOUSE Collection: The Inspiration

Colour, Cushions, Print, Tea Towels, Texture, PALMHOUSE, Inspiration, Photography, Homewares, Botanic Gardens, Kew GardensKatie CharlesonComment

I have always loved Victoriana and Botanic Gardens. There is something intangibly fascinating about containing something so vital and wild within something so rigid and structured. This is never more true than at the Palm House in Kew Gardens, where I found such beautiful compositions I was inspired to take out my camera that chilly, crisp, February day!

Screen Printing Process

Cushions, Print, Colour, TextureKatie CharlesonComment

This week a lot of time has been spent screen printing orders for cushions and tea-towels in my studio space in Bermondsey; Printall Studio. Central to K//M//J//C is the hands on, tactile nature of screen printed textiles. I love layering up colours and textures intuitively and screen printing allows me to do this while balancing the composition and tone of the piece. I can use screens to make one off, limited edition samples or set up a production line to make the same design repeatedly.

   One-off compositions that will be used to create limited edition products


One-off compositions that will be used to create limited edition products

   Tea-towels in repeat production


Tea-towels in repeat production

Pigment printing is the most fundamental form of screen printing, and this is the medium I have been working in most lately. By pushing ink through the unexposed areas of mesh stretched over a screen, you can transfer an image onto different surfaces.


Emerald Oil is a completely screen printed piece of work. Although this is a feature of the design in itself, what makes it really special is the number of colours used. Emerald Oil features 5 colours, not including the base fabric, mixed by eye. Each colour requires its own layer, and therefore its own screen, meaning each cushion cover or tea-towel is printed on 5 times before it is finished. 


I am so proud and happy to be able to put this level of care, skill and attention to detail into every product I make. And to be able to do it in surroundings that inspire me is the biggest bonus of all! Just look at these gorgeous textures and patinations found in the studio.


K//M//J//C is born of a love of colour, a fascination with texture and a passion for print.