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PALMHOUSE Collection: The Artwork

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The photographs taken at Kew Garden's beautiful Palm House in crisp, bright February inspired me to try and create vital, dynamic drawings and compositions.

I especially loved the density of the botanics and greenery, and the way the Laurel Clock Vine (which would become an essential element to the collection) ran along the piping and girders overhead.

I employed techniques such as mono printing and mark making with a palette knife to create movement and immediacy within the drawings, layering up inks and oils and pastels to juxtapose the different qualities of line and colour. I wanted the resulting prints to jump off the fabric.

The original photographs helped me create compositions that would become the final designs; snapshots of the Palm House contained within a compact space.

Each of these drawings and paintings would lead to the beautiful screen prints for the PALMHOUSE collection. By meticulously screen printing and hand painting directly onto each sumptuous design, every piece in the collection becomes a unique and inimitable work of art for the home.