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Screen Printing Process

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This week a lot of time has been spent screen printing orders for cushions and tea-towels in my studio space in Bermondsey; Printall Studio. Central to K//M//J//C is the hands on, tactile nature of screen printed textiles. I love layering up colours and textures intuitively and screen printing allows me to do this while balancing the composition and tone of the piece. I can use screens to make one off, limited edition samples or set up a production line to make the same design repeatedly.

   One-off compositions that will be used to create limited edition products


One-off compositions that will be used to create limited edition products

   Tea-towels in repeat production


Tea-towels in repeat production

Pigment printing is the most fundamental form of screen printing, and this is the medium I have been working in most lately. By pushing ink through the unexposed areas of mesh stretched over a screen, you can transfer an image onto different surfaces.


Emerald Oil is a completely screen printed piece of work. Although this is a feature of the design in itself, what makes it really special is the number of colours used. Emerald Oil features 5 colours, not including the base fabric, mixed by eye. Each colour requires its own layer, and therefore its own screen, meaning each cushion cover or tea-towel is printed on 5 times before it is finished. 


I am so proud and happy to be able to put this level of care, skill and attention to detail into every product I make. And to be able to do it in surroundings that inspire me is the biggest bonus of all! Just look at these gorgeous textures and patinations found in the studio.


K//M//J//C is born of a love of colour, a fascination with texture and a passion for print.